The EUR Monetary Union

The Monetary Union (also called The Currency Union) -  one of the form of  states economic integrations, which is based on:

  1. the  full liberalization of capital  flowing between member states.
  2. the integration of bank and financial services
  3. freezing exchange rate of member countries
  4. introducing the common currency

One of  the example of the Monetary Union is  the Economic and Currency Union, which has been begun after putting the Maastricht treaty into practice. In this treaty had been enclosed law basics, area of activity and criteria which are put to the member states. In case of that union exists a common goods and services market and economic policy  coordination  of its members by multilateral surveillance. The European Central Bank, the main institution of monetary market of the states which have got the euro, coordinates common monetary policy. This policy is created by the Europeans’ System of the Central Banks.

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