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2D animation, 3D animation - animated films poswojsku - animated ads

Animation 2D and 3D is one of my most favorite areas of creative work.


2D and 3D animation, cartoons, interactive

poswojsku performs a variety of 2D and 3D animation. We request our customers from concept through creation of graphics, sounds, until the animations project. In this way we create:

  • animated ads - films, cartoons
  • internet banners - animated
  • animated product presentations,such as animations patterns of action
  • animated presentations of companies

mainly I am doing 2D animation programs for animation, including Anime Studio Pro, Swish Max, Corel Video Studio Pro. In this way they are created animated films, cartoons, and presentations.

Also on the websites of doing the animation using technologies: CSS3, jQuery, Javascript.

The 3D animation is done mainly in Blender although I support are also programs Poser Pro and MakeHuman. In this way they are created animated films, cartoons, and presentations.

Animation advertising in the form of a multimedia presentation, is a popular form of promotion companies and institutions. See an example of animation poswojsku.

Presentation made to the Office of the Marshal of Lublin - see References ..

Design and execution: Creative Agency poswojsku

Production poswojsku: multimedia presentation of the draft EU-made for the Lublin Region

The latest production poswojsku: Man and woman brains sense love - the stereotype of premarital?

Funny, funny cartoon - woman, man: Man and woman stereotype premarital sense understanding and love :).

My animations you see on the channel on Youtube poswojsku

poswojsku channel on Youtube are: cartoons, animations, ads, parodies, multimedia presentations

channel poswojsku on youtube our projects

If you are interested in helping in the implementation of animation 2D and / or 3D, or need to get an idea of your valuation multimedia presentation - contact

We assist in the design phase of animation 2D and / or 3D and we are left with the customer until the animation satisfactory for our customer. We invite you to contact us.

Which kind of 2D or 3D animation will be perfect for your organization?

Animations created by the CA poswojsku

3D Animation: modern, interactive projects - the idea, creation, professional advice - examples of animation

Creative Agency poswojsku - our portfolio


See poswojsku channel on youtube - our projects

channel poswojsku on youtube our projects

Cartoons, animation, parodies, multimedia presentations

2D animation, 3D animation - Test poswojsku movies - animated ads

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