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poswojsku - Who am I? I am the Creative Director and a computer programmer and graphic designer , I can work for you and your business :).

My company: poswojsku - exists since 2010. I handle the creation and production: animations, modern websites, media guides and the management of information portals.

I can offer:


Multimedia Productions created by the CA poswojsku

Multimedia Productions: modern, interactive projects - the idea, creation, professional advice in the production of multimedia - EXAMPLES OF PROJECTS MEDIA

I have three channels on youtube - one general and two theme :). Try to each of them.)


Creative Agency poswojsku portfolio: ANIMATIONS AND CULINARY

See poswojsku channel on youtube - our projects

channel poswojsku on youtube our projects

Cartoons, multimedia presentations, movies, cooking


Creative Agency poswojsku portfolio: PARODY

See poswojsku channel on youtube - our projects

channel poswojsku on youtube our projects

Animated parodies of commercials and politics


Creative Agency poswojsku portfolio: CARTOONS

See poswojsku channel on youtube - our projects

channel poswojsku on youtube our projects

Cartoon, animation, animated fairy tales


Production of modern, responsive and mobile friendly websites in technologies: HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, jQuery, Bootstrap, Drupal, Python, Angular, node.js, mongoDB, Django.
My company poswojsku have models ready websites to adapt to the needs of our customers.

Production portals: CMS (Content Management System) and e-learning (distance learning) based on the popular open source technologies. The production of e-learning lessons including SCORM format.
Programming services, including application development, gaming and web portals technologies: HTML5, Java, CSS3, JavaScript, Drupal, jQuery, jQuery Mobile, Angular, nodejs,Python. I also develop mobile applications based on the latest technologies and frameworks.

poswojsku analyze and adapt existing websites to current standards, including responsiveness and “mobile friendly”.

poswojsku produce 2D and 3D advertising graphics and animated films in 2D and 3D. poswojsku can prepare and execute screenplays and full production of animated film.

My company help in the sale of products and services. We assist clients in optimizing sales websites. Caring about the web sites sales effectiveness we conduct marketing campaigns on the Internet. For our customers in advertising campaigns we use: social media, affiliate advertising and whisper marketing.

poswojsku CONTACT:

98-220 ZDUŃSKA WOLA,PAPROCKA 86, Łódzkie, tel./fax 43 824 59 66

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